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boston wood staining and finishingDoes your Boston home or commercial business have beautiful cabinetry or other wood surfaces that need to be refinished? A freshly stained and finished wood floor, deck, trim, or wall paneling really enhances the environment. Commercially, beautiful, glowing woodwork can bring both warmth and luxury that leads to the customers feeling comfortable and welcome.

Wood staining and finishing are best handled by professionals who have the skill to do them. Many painting experts like ours at Artisan Painting & Decorating also provide painted faux finishes for cabinetry and other surfaces.

With our Boston wood staining and finishing services, we can restore the look and enhance the style. We use quality stains and sealants and have the experience needed to work on all types of wood. With our ability to create artistic faux finishes, we can also create any type of beautiful finish it if you so desire.

Wood Floor Staining

Do you have a wood floor that’s getting in rough shape? If so, it’s likely that it can be refinished with a new stain and quality sealant that will make it look glorious and new again. We can remove your previous coatings, make a few wood repairs if needed, and refinish it for you.

Re-staining may not always be necessary, but at times it is. Or, you may prefer to go with a different stain that would be more attractive for your space. Wood floors are valuable assets for your residential or commercial property, so let us help you get it at its best to enhance the value of your property by giving your wood floor new life.

Staining For All Types Of Real Wood Cabinets

Our quality stains are appropriate for any type of wood cabinets you have whether it’s hardwoods like oak or basswood or softer woods like pine, we know the right type of sealant and coatings to properly apply your choice of beautiful stains. We can even take any plain pine cabinet and make it look like antique mahogany or Brazilian Cherry. Your cabinets will never look more beautiful!

To get the quality results necessary for cabinet staining, it takes practice that can only come from years of experience. Different types of wood may require different techniques to obtain even stain coverage and properly seal the wood. While some cabinets will need to be treated for rough use or against high moisture conditions, others will need to only be stained and properly waxed. In the kitchen, it’s important for the cabinets to be durable and moisture proof.

Our Boston painters know and understand how to work with all types of wood and what’s needed for different types of applications. Whether it’s your cherished mahogany cabinets, your gorgeous Teak paneling, or your walnut trimwork, we can take great care of all the staining and sealing projects.

Why Boston Loves Us For Wood Staining & Finishes

Our experts work with wood staining, refinishing, and painting specialty finishes on cabinets and other woodwork every day. We can strip and refinish your cabinets or paint them with techniques like antiquing or faux wood painting. Adding a glaze or specialty finish gives you the ability to customize your kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets.

Is the wood cabinetry in your home looking a little dull? Is the luster fading? If it’s time to consider painting or staining your cabinets, call Boston House Painters and ask about our Cabinet Painting & Staining Service. We can completely transform the wood as well with a modern bronze faux finish or go with something classic like antiquing.

When you need Boston┬ástaining or cabinet painting services, we would love to help you achieve a great new look you’ll love for years to come.

If you are looking for a Boston Painter or decorative finishing then please call (617) 947-0524 or (617) 548-3649 or complete our online request form.

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