Faux Finish Or Venetian Plaster for Your Boston Home?

Let’s go straight into the subject. What is one of the most important factors when remodeling or building a home? Exactly: How much does it cost. Here we are:


Venetian plaster costs more than faux finishes. Why? It is more elaborate and the cost of materials is higher. What does that mean exactly? On average, as of 2008, venetian plaster runs about $10 per SF for a basic one color finish over a previously prepared substrate. Faux finish for a one-color basic starts at around $5 or fifty percent less. So if you want both Venetian plaster and Faux finishes than take the small walls for the plaster and the larger sections for Faux Finishes.  You can discuss either option with your Boston painting and decorating contractor.


Venetian Plaster takes longer to apply, up to 3 times longer than applying faux finishes. But: Venetian plaster is increasing the value of your Boston home if you don’t choose extravagant colors and keep it simple in using a classic style like a Marmorino (very popular Venetian plaster style and means “little marble”. The plaster consists of grounded Carrera marble powder which will add a special marble touch to the walls)


Venetian plaster is more resilient and durable although a good applied faux finish can resist fingerprints and handle a mild cleaning with a sponge.


Depending on the Faux Finish style a repair is sometimes impossible and the whole wall has to be redone. Normally sponged Faux finishes can be repaired easily.

It is possible to color match Venetian Plaster but you have to know that the color will fade overtime as it absorbs carbon from the air. After damage has occurred you might have to redo the whole wall. What about nails or minor scratches? They can be repaired without a problem; larger spots will cause difficulties as over the years you won’t be able to match the same product or color tone.


Both can be applied to the most common surfaces with the proper preparation (wood, concrete, masonite, plastic, sheetrock, over painted surfaces on walls, floors, counters, woodwork, ceramic, tile, clay, columns, fireplaces, glass, metal, interior and exterior).


Venetian plaster is usually thicker and has more texture and weight placed upon the particular substrate; they can be breathable, semi-permeable, or coated to have a sealed surface.

Faux finishes are used with a glaze which makes the paint transparent and is normally applied after the wall had been painted with the base color. Glazes are a thin colored compound comprised of a binder, pigment, and usually water. They are not as durable as Venetian Plaster and can fade to somewhat a degree depending on the pigments and exposure to sunlight and elements.

What you should know about Venetian Plaster

You can apply Venetian Plaster yourself in getting the description and material ready made at Lowe’s or Home Depot. They have all kinds of colors and tools you would need. BUT: you cannot return the plaster when it had been mixed and you cannot change the color anymore. This is the big difference to paint which can be returned and they change the color if it is not the right one. So you have to be sure and certain from the beginning.

What you should know about Faux Finishes

Of course you also can do a Faux Finish in getting the products and tools in the most popular American Do-it-yourself stores. BUT: a faux finish cannot be changed if it had become too dark and is already applied on the wall. You cannot brighten it up. Which means if it turns out to be too dark: Start all over again!

Whatever you will decide start with a faux finish as it is a lower gradient and easier to apply. You can paint it over if you don’t like it. Not Venetian plaster, you need a hammer to remove it. I hope the article is helping you to make a good decision.

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If you are looking for a Boston Painter or decorative finishing then please call (617) 947-0524 or (617) 548-3649 or complete our online request form.

If you are looking for a Boston Painter or decorative finishing then please call (617) 947-0524 or (617) 548-3649 or complete our online request form.

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