Damaged Wallpaper, How to Repair It, and Why You May Want to Replace It

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You love the wallpaper in the interior of your Boston home, but there are several rips and tears that require some attention. If you don’t have the time, energy, or know-how to repair the wallpaper, contact a reputable painting specialist, and consider opting for a complete wallpaper replacement.

Steps to Repair Damaged Wallpaper

  • Check to make sure you held on to extra wallpaper.
  • Cut out a patch of extra wallpaper that is a few inches larger than the tear.
  • Place the patch over the tear in the wallpaper, and tape it to the wall.
  • Cut through both layers of wallpaper with a sharp utility knife to ensure that the replacement patch is the exact size of the damaged portion.
  • Remove the damaged wallpaper and any adhesive residue.
  • Apply the paste to the back of the patch in a thin layer, or dampen pre-pasted wallpaper with a sponge to activate the adhesive.
  • Line up the pattern of the patch with the pattern of the installed wallpaper, and press the patch to the wall for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Roll the patch with a seam roller from the center outward to prevent bubbling.
  • Use a damp sponge to remove excess paste.

To repair your wallpaper, you need to acquire an undamaged section of wallpaper. You can use extra wallpaper you have in storage, new wallpaper from the original source, or wallpaper in a hidden place, such as a closet. If you don’t have extra wallpaper, you can’t find the same wallpaper from the original source, and you don’t want to remove any sections of existing wallpaper, consider hiring a painting specialist to replace your wallpaper entirely. You will have the opportunity to choose new colors, textures, and patterns that will transform your interior.

If you are not confident in your wallpaper repairing skills, contact the experienced Boston painting professionals at Artisan Painting & Decorating, Inc. Painting specialists can assist you with your wallpaper repair or replacement.

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